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About GPS Roof Leak Repair

Exclusively Serving Multi-Family & Commercial Properties

One of the most frustrating challenges for a property or facilities manager is dealing with rain leaks. You have to find a roofer, wait for estimates, weigh bids against your budget and after all that, you still have to wait for someone to come fix your leak! By the time it's all said and done, what should have been a simple repair can turn into serious water damage and angry residents.

After hearing the frustrations of countless managers, we decided there's got to be a better way; and so, GPS Roof Leak Repair was born.

We offer three primary services, Flat Rate Leak Repair, Major Rain Leak Repair and Full Roof Replacement. What makes us unique however, is our focus on quickly, efficiently and affordably dealing with rain leaks while striving to extend the life of your roof with every repair.